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Watch Fox WTVC 9 News Channel Live Stream Chattanooga, Tn. WTVC News Channel Online Streaming from Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. WTVC Fox 9 is the news and general television outlet associated with both Fox and ABC networks. It is situated in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sinclair Broadcast Group acquires the station.

The work offices of the station are situated on Benton Drive in the city. The transmission requirements are fulfilled through Signal Mountain in the city. Sinclair Group also controls WDSI-TV which is authorized to carry This TV and Comet network. It also controls WFLI-TV which is authorized to CW and MyNetworkTV through mutual service accord.

WTVC News ChannelWDSI and WFLI-TV carry all operations primarily from the work platforms of WTVC ABC 9 in Chattanooga. WTVC News Channel is easily in access for viewers living in the backward region of the market on Comcast channels 10 and 431 through cable providers. The station was founded and its first-ever transmission was aired under the brand name of WROM in 1953.

Initially, it was authorized to NBC network and subordinately authorized with ABC, CBS, and DuMont networks. WTVC Fox launched a second digital subordinate channel in 2015 which airs a broadcast of WDSI-TV. After that, it started carrying the Comet network and its programming. It also used to broadcast the programming of This TV. ABC WTVC News Channel 9 Chattanooga.

Fox WTVC News Channel 9 Chattanooga Live Streaming

Watch WTVC News Chattanooga Live Online Streaming for the latest local breaking update, sports, weather stories. Stream may take a moment to load.

Presently, WTVC Fox 9 carries news feed transmission of approx. 34 hours per week with 6 hours of news coverage every weekday and 3 hours of news transmission every weekend. It also broadcasts sports wrap on shows and programming. It also shows live coverage of news and occasions on its web address. It broadcasts a program showing public issues and voices against public problems named as This-N-That.

It also launched a third digital subsidiary channel 9.3 which broadcasts the programming of a network named TBD. It mostly shows entertainment related programs. Fox WTVC broadcasts the programming of political shows, economical programs, educational and spiritual talks, and weather updates. It has been serving the market for more than 60 years.

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