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Watch Fox KPEJ 24 News Channel Live Stream Odessa, TX. KPEJ News Channel Online Streaming from Odessa, Texas, United States. KPEJ-TV is the news and generalized television outlet situated in Odessa, Texas. It is under authorized to Fox network. Mission Broadcasting holds the acquisition of KPEJ-TV. Nexstar Media Group which possesses KMID-TV controls KPEJ-TV through mutual services accord.

Both the television outlets have their work offices mutually located on Windview St. in the southwest region of the city. The transmission facilities of KPEJ are operated from Andrews County. KPEJ Fox 24 is presented to viewers residing in the backward or suburban region of the market on channel 8 through cable carriers.

KPEJ News ChannelIn 1986, the station was founded and its first-ever broadcast was on aired. Initially, in the beginning, it started as a maverick outlet. It did not authorize with Fox network at that time. However, it used to broadcast some shows and programming from that network. CBS KOSA News Channel 7 Odessa.

KPEJ News Channel got the authorization of Fox network in 1990 for the market of Odessa and Midland. It also started airing transmission from the UPN network in 1998 as the subordinate network. The call sign of KPEJ Channel changed to Fox 24 in 2007 which again, later on, switched to Fox West Texas.

Fox KPEJ News Channel 24 Odessa Live Streaming

Watch KPEJ News Odessa Live Online Streaming for the latest local breaking update, sports, weather stories. Stream may take a moment to load.

KPEJ Fox 24 terminated its news operations on analog signals and switched to digital transition in 2009 when all other television outlets of America did that change under the national accord. Nexstar Group declared that it would auction off KPEJ in accordance with two other Fox authorized outlets in the market of Shreveport and Iowa.

The KPEJ-TV launched a second digital subordinate channel 24.2 which airs programming of a network named Estrella TV. KPEJ-TV and KMID are always chasing each other in terms of ratings and considered top-ranked television outlets of the market. Nexstar once decided to auction off the KPEJ-TV’s all programming and equipment to other outlets and because of this, its rating dropped significantly. Overall it is achieving its news feed quality day by day.

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