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Watch Fox KJTV 34 News Channel Live Stream Lubbock, TX. KJTV News Channel Online Streaming from Lubbock, Texas, United States. KJTV Fox 34 is a generalized television outlet authorized to Fox network. It is located in Lubbock, Texas. Sagamore Hill Broadcasting holds possession of the station. It is an ally station to low-frequency maverick station KJTV-CD.

Both the television outlets are controlled through mutual services accord with Gray Television. Both these have their work platforms mutually situated on 98th St. and University Main Road in the south region of the city. KJTV Fox 34 is easily accessible to watch for viewers residing in backward or suburban regions on frequency 10 through cable carriers.

KJTV News ChannelKJTV Fox became an author of Fox in 1986 when the network was founded. It was founded and its first broadcast was carried in 1967 under the brand name of KBC-TV. It was established at that time by KB Company. At that time, it had almost 25kW strength to its transmitter spire. NBC KCBD News Channel 11 Lubbock.

It also agreed to carry some movies and entertainment shows mainly linked to NBC and CBS network. KJTV Fox 24 became the official transmission carrier for Southwest Conference sports in Lubbock city in 1989. However, before that, it shared some burden of sports programming and this coverage with KCBD-TV. Sometimes, KJTV Fox airs its own sports broadcasts but very rare.

Fox KJTV News Channel 34 Lubbock Live Streaming

Watch KJTV News Lubbock Live Online Streaming for the latest local breaking update, sports, weather stories. Stream may take a moment to load.

KJTV Fox initiated regional news feeds in night timeslots in 2000. It also launched a newly upgraded news section and production equipment. The graphics package became 1st one to be used in almost thirty years. It also acquired a news designed logo for its symbolic representation. It broadcasts programs related to business, economy, political shows, educational and spiritual shows.

It also airs weather news and climate predictions. It has its own weather radar system through which it carries weather reports and telecasts. It stood first in news feeds ratings and viewership especially in Nielsen ratings.

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