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Watch ABC WJXT 4 News Channel Live Stream Jackson FL. WJXT News Channel Online Streaming from Jackson, Florida, United State. WJXT is a maverick television station that produces news and general transmission. It is operated by both virtual or digital channels. It is situated in Jacksonville, Florida.

WJXT News ChannelGraham Media Group possesses the station which is subordinate of Graham Holdings Corporation as a deal of dual partnership hold with WCWJ which is authorized to CW network. Both these stations have their offices mutually located at 4 Broadcast Place on the south edge of St. John River in the market of Jacksonville. The transmitter instrument of WJXT is fixed on Anders Boulevard in Killarney Shores of the city.

In 1949, the WJXT Channel first initiated to carry the transmission for the first time under the brand name of WMBR-TV. It was the 2nd television Channel to be founded in Florida state and first to authorize outside of the Miami region. In 1958, ABC WMBR radio was auctioned off by Washington Post Co. while it purchased television and changed its call letters to present which are WJXT. Fox WDBD News Channel 40 Jackson.

ABC WJXT News Channel 4 Jackson Live Streaming

Watch WJXT News Jackson Live Online Streaming for the latest local breaking news, sports updates, weather stories. Stream may take a moment to load.

ABC WJXT News Channel was honored to win the transmission rights for the Jacksonville Jaguars football tournament defeating WTLV which has covered the sports in Jacksonville for the last many years in 2001. The station has already broadcasting Jaguar games and tournament sine 1998 under CBS network affiliation. CBS network acquired the rights to football games for national broadcasting by American Football Conference AFC.

WJXT ABC 4 is not copying the routine or schedule of its sister and ally station of Graham Media. WJXT ABC 4 presents local news feeds covered from areas of Florida for almost 57 hours per week with 9 hours of news transmission per weekday and almost 5 hours of news every weekend.

It is the 3rd largest news producing station in Florida in terms of hours chasing ABC WTVT which is Fox associated and WSVN which produces news for 72 hours. Supplementary to this, it also presents weather and sports news.

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