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Watch Fox KFXA 28 News Channel Live Stream Cedar Rapids, IA. KFXA News Channel Online Streaming from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. KFXA Fox 28 is the news and generalized television outlet situated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is under the direct authorization of the Fox network. It is also assigned to operate in areas of the Eastern region of the Iowa market.

Second Generation Iowa Ltd. acquires the station. Sinclair Broadcast Group which possesses KGAN-TV controls the station through regional marketing accord. Both the television outlets have their work platforms mutually situated at Broadcast Park on Old Marion in the city. The transmitter equipment of KFXA Fox is fixed in Van Horne, Iowa.

KFXA News ChannelFox KFXA News Channel has no web address for repeated broadcasts however it shares weblink with ally station KGAN-TV. KFXA News Channel is easily in access to watch for viewers residing in backward or suburb regions on Mediacom channel 8 through cable carriers in HD quality. ABC KCRG News Channel 9 Iowa.

In 1988, the station was founded and its first-ever broadcast was carried under the brand name of KOCR-TV. At that time, its work platforms were situated on Boyson Road in the city. It was the first new privatized television outlet to be launched in 35 years. It has been an authorization of Fox network since its first day of career. Initially, it was founded by Gerald Fitz and the association.

Fox KFXA News Channel 28 Cedar Rapids Live Streaming

Watch KFXA News Cedar Rapids Live Online Streaming for the latest local breaking update, sports, weather stories. Stream may take a moment to load.

KFXB-TV acts as a semi-satellite system for Fox KFXA-TV. Second Generation planned to marge the two outlets and have their news department work together in the market of Iowa. KFXA Fox 28 and KGAN-TV were the last two TV outlets in the market of Iowa to broadcast news feeds in high-resolution quality and broad spectrum display in 2017.

KFXA Fox 28 launched a second digital subordinate station 28.2 which airs a network named Charge. Its third subsidiary channel 28.3 which was launched in order to share programming from its primary channel also airs transmission of network TBD. The fourth subordinate channel 28.4 was initiated to carry transmission of a network named Stadium which is related to entertainment purposes.

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