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(WZAW Fox Wausau) Watch CBS WSAW 7 News Channel Live Stream Wausau, Wi. WSAW News Channel Online Streaming from Wausau, Wisconsin, United States. WSAW-TV is a television and news outlet authorized to CBS network and it resides in Wausau, Wisconsin. Gray Television acquires the station and it became an ally station to a low-frequency outlet named WZAW-LD which is an authorized Fox network.

WSAW News Channel airs the transmission of WZAW-LD in high resolution over its third digital subsidiary frequency 7.3. Both the television outlets have their work offices mutually situated on Grand Main St. in the city. The transmitter equipment of WSAW-TV is fixed on top of Rib Mountain. It works as a digital interpreter to carry signals in the Northwood region of Wisconsin.

WSAW News ChannelIn 1954, the station was inaugurated and carried its first-ever transmission under the brand name of CBS WSAU-TV. It emerged from the radio outlet WSAU-AM. Initially, in the beginning, it was acquired by North-Central Wisconsin newspaper. At that time, the work offices of WSAW CBS were situated on North 5th St. in the city. NBC WJFW News Channel 12 Wisconsin.

However, they were terminated in 1972 and moved to the present location. The station launched its own news department and news modernized equipment in 2015. It was a revolutionary upgrade with all new graphics sets, display monitors, cameras, etc. WSAW News Channel launched its second digital subordinate frequency 7.2 which carried MeTV network programming but later it was unhanded and MyNetworkTV took its place.

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Its third digital subsidiary station carries some secondary programming of Fox network. It initiated its fourth digital subordinate channel 7.4 which airs transmissions of a network named Start TV. At last, CBS WSAW-TV made a fifth subordinate channel 7.5 which serves for the transmission of the newly formed network Quest.

It has been in service for 66 years and never been criticized for some bad quality or news feeds. It won the best news feeds and quality display award among all television outlets of the market. It also competes with many outlets in ratings of viewership and transmissions.

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